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Women often find it more challenging to lose weight than men. It is not just a feeling. Scientific factors cause women to be more challenged to lose weight than men.

1. Women have more fat than muscle

Muscle tissue is more active than fat tissue. Calories stored in the muscles burn more easily. Compared to men, the amount of body fat in women nearly doubled. As an expectant mother, fats are needed to help during pregnancy and lactation.

2. Fat distribution

Fat distribution in women and men is different. Women have more fat in the lower body. Meanwhile, men accumulate fat in the upper body. There are differences, like fat hanging from is pretty basic in the body. Upper fat burns faster than lower body fat.

3. Women generally have a more petite body than men

A larger body size makes him easier to lose body heat. Loss of body heat can increase metabolism. Thus, it is easy to lose weight.

4. Hormones body

Naturally, the male hormone helps you lose weight. Testosterone and growth hormones can increase metabolic rate. The hormone can increase muscle mass. Since men produce more testosterone, they tend to burn more fat than women.

During pregnancy and the menstrual cycle, the fat cells in a woman’s body maintain the amount of water due to hormonal changes. The existence of water content in the fat can make the fat cells enlarge. As a result, the water causes fat metabolism to be hard done by women.

The female produces the hormone progesterone also triggers hunger. Not only that, progesterone makes her feel sleepy and causes less exercise. Thus, it is the trigger of weight gain.

5. Factors of pregnancy

Fat cells multiply and develop during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the fat cells are still present in the body. Each time the body of excessive eating, fat cells will be more spacious and make you gain weight.