boiled potato
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Boiled potatoes are healthier than fried foods due to their lower cholesterol content. Boiled potatoes have a higher glycemic index (GI), so they more quickly trigger hunger than fries. Despite making hungry faster than fried potatoes, boiled potatoes remain healthier.

Sooner or absence of hunger emerges and is determined by the glycemic index (GI) of carbohydrates consumed in the first meal (first meal), for example, at breakfast. The higher the GI, the faster the food is processed in the body, so it more quickly triggers feeling hungry. In contrast, the low GI diet can maintain satiety longer because slowly digested.


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In addition to delaying hunger, metabolism is longer and good for the body because of blood sugar (glucose) into more stable blood until it is time for lunch (second meal). In addition, influenced by the type of food, cooking methods also determine the value of IG. A nutrition expert from Bogor Agricultural University, Prof. Dr Ir Made Astawan, MS, said that boiling foods that contain carbohydrates, notably, increases the value of IG more than frying or baking.

“For example, boiled potatoes, maturation would be perfect so that the starch in it broken and it becomes easier to digest,” said Prof. Made—effect of cooking methods also delivered by a practitioner of Healing Food, Rina Poerwandi. According to Rina, raw vegetables are one of the best snack menus before lunch. Fibre or complex carbohydrates are more difficult to digest so that they can maintain satiety longer.

“One of the best options for blunch (breakfast-lunch) is a vegetable, preferably raw. For example, salad, lettuce, and so forth,” said Blake. Nonetheless, low GI foods cannot always be called healthy. For example, French fries, despite having a lower GI than potatoes boiled and baked potatoes boiled, potatoes but generally still the most healthy.

“French fries did have a low GI, suitable to delay hunger. But there are no additional oil, salt, and so on. If many will lead to hypertension,” said Prof. Made