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Losing weight is tricky. That is easy to say but hard to run. For those who want to avoid bothering, there is no easy way for most people though somewhat extreme and could even be dangerous.

Some extreme way or God forbid to lose weight, as quoted from Oddee, Monday (07/30/2012), is as follows:

1. Injection of urine of pregnant women

In just five months, a successful woman named Sheryl Paloni cut as much as 19.5 kg of body weight and a waist circumference of 76 cm. Who achieved success after the most extremely known alternative therapy for slim, the injection of urine of pregnant women.

Iris McCarthy, a dietitian of Success Weight Loss Systems, said that the content of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine of pregnant women would ‘fool’ the body as if she were pregnant. As a result, the body will metabolize food more quickly.

2. Attach the hose to eat off the nose

Jessica Schneider was willing to spend as much as 13 million to install a nasogastric tube to appear slim before her wedding day. Despite his successful weight of 4.5 kg in 8 days, so a rather limp body condition because of it.

“People think I’m sick, I’m dying,” said Schneider after undergoing an extreme diet called enteral nutrition protein, designed more for people with severe obesity.

3. Paintball Target Shooting

Most Extreme and crazy ways to lose weightIn the UK, a vehicle for paintball games provides special services for obese patients who want skinny. The trick was that 4-5 instructors used the patient as a target and forced them to run around the arena to avoid it if you do not want her body covered in paint because of who had shot it.

This service is held in packets, which lasted for ten weeks. Each encounter is claimed to burn 800 to 1,000 calories, depending on the patient’s agility run to avoid gunfire.

4. Pretending Gastric Ring Pairs

Attach the hull ring quite effectively shrink the size of the stomach, decreases appetite and eventually, the weight will quickly fall. However, this method needs surgery, and its side effects are not light, especially if there are problems in operation.

The solution, as it did in Marion Corns, gastric ring pairs carried deception. Through hypnosis, the fat woman is convinced he has put a ringside. Only faith then reduced meal portions and lost 1.3 kg in 4 months.

5. Install the patch on the tongue

A surgeon from California, Nikolas Chugay, offers unique patch installation to make a good meal so painful on the tongue. The patient can only eat well when dining in liquid form, with calorie–dense foods that are not as much.

There are at least 60 obese patients who are interested in trying it. As a result, the patient’s weight decreased by an average of 9 kg within one month of installation of the patch-width stamps.

6. Use counter bites

Scientists at Clemson University designed a pedometer or special tools to calculate bites during meals. The device is expected to prevent overeating at snacking. Snacks for munching activities are often made unconsciously, and before I knew much exhausted.

Shape like a watch-like device, which can also wear on the arm. It’s not the bite that counted, but the hand movements while taking food alone. But it’s been beneficial to remind that not excessive.

7. Stay a week at an altitude of 2600 MDPL

Weight loss can be reduced to 1.3 kg weekly without diet and exercise. The trick, stay in the mountains with an elevation of over 8700 feet or about 2,600 MDPL (meters above sea level).

Experiments on the Zugspitze Mountain in Germany show the week 20 obese patients lost weight by 1.3 kg, and 0.9 kg is down again a month later. Patients are free to eat anything and not be sporting.