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Today many products found low-calorie sweet drinks or diet drinks to lose weight. These drinks can indeed reduce the consumption of calories and help lose weight. But Drinking Water will be more beneficial for metabolism.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, conducted the study for six months against 315 people who are obese. Participants were divided into two groups. One group was asked to replace calorie drinks consumed daily by 200 kcal with diet drinks. At the same time, the other group was asked to replace calorie drinks with drinking water only.


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As reported at the Obesity Society annual meeting in Orlando, Fla., both groups were twice as likely to lose 5% body weight. However, a dieter Drinking Water will consume more carbohydrates and sugar than drinking water alone. Previous research has not sufficiently explained whether replacing sugary drinks with diet drinks can be beneficial to lose weight or for health.

“This study confirms that replacing artificial sweeteners in beverages or sweetened drinks may be a weight loss strategy that is effective for the short term. But water is still a healthy choice,” said Dr. Douglas Hill, from obesity researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, as reported by Health24. com.

The study, led by Dr. Barry Popkin M, indicates that the possibility of weight loss of 5 percent was significantly higher in patients that reduced the consumption of caloric beverages. But after six months, the group who drank water experienced a significant increase in glucose levels and lower blood pressure than those who drank diet drinks.

After a three-month trial, participants who consumed diet drinks tended to consume more calories. Drinkers tend to drink diet eat more desserts, sweeteners, and bread than Drinking Water. The study on diet drinks showed that previous studies found no health benefits because he tends to eat more carbohydrates and sugary foods.

“Further research is needed to investigate whether artificial sweeteners trigger the desire for sweet foods anymore,” said Dr. Hill about Drinking Water